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I told y’all that I hate leaving a mess, so I’ve made several changes to altrockchick.com to make it easier to navigate your way around the site.

  • Starting next Sunday, the homepage will feature a different artist or series page each week.
  • The old homepage (À Propos de Moi) still exists for those of you into chicks on motorcycles and can be reached by clicking on the About link in the lower right corner of the top menu. At the bottom of the About page you can find a link to my Contact Page if you want to send me a direct email.
  • The Top Menu now features a more logical structure and some new stuff:
    • Clicking on any of the Decade buttons will take you to a page with links to my reviews from that decade.
    • Clicking on any of the other buttons takes you to a brief essay on the artist or series that includes all the links to relevant reviews. If you hover over these buttons, a drop-down menu displays links to all the reviews as well.
    • There are three new buttons covering Pink Floyd, UK Folk and Punk.
  • The Right-Side Menu has been simplified and now features a new category of reviews called Indie Alternatives. These are reviews of music from independent musicians (though some went major label later) that I wanted to showcase.

I did a quick pass through the list of 500 reviews and identified 115 for possible e-book publication. My criteria for selection had nothing to do with the musical quality, historical importance or the number of hits received; they were just the reviews that brought a smile to my face when I remembered how I felt when I wrote them. Those reviews will serve as my working list if and when I get motivated to pull together a book.

In other news, we’re still under curfew here, I haven’t been vaccinated and I’ve managed to connect with a few people currently working in my areas of interest to gather more information. I’ve mentioned this in some of my replies to the many kind comments I received after announcing my departure, but it’s really nice just to listen to music without having to write about it!


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  1. I’m so glad that it appears you intend to let your readers know what’s happening with you AARC (After AltRock Chick); and I’ve too much to thank you for to describe in a brief email. But I hope to follow your adventures into the future, and in the meantime to delve through your reviews that I have not had to time to read.

    By the way, I received both of my Pfizer jabs through my job in NYC….

    Take care, ARC!

  2. Hello Ari. I only started following your site at the beginning of the year but I have since spent many hours reading your reviews. Often exploring new albums because of your comments.

    I love your writing style. You absolutely hit the spot for me. Even when the albums or artists under review are not to my taste.

    Anyway, thank you so much for what you have written and good luck with whatever you have in mind for the future.

    I will miss you. Steve. X

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