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The 00s

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The first decade of the millennium was kind of a drag from a musical perspective. Perceptive readers will note my use of the phrase “kind of a drag” as a reference to The Buckinghams, a limp noodle of a band whose level of quality mirrored of the music released in the 2000’s. The States had become a rap and hip-hop shopping mall, and I don’t consider either or those genres music, but a form of spoken word performance . . . and pretty lousy spoken word performance to boot.

Yeah, double zeroes really work for this decade.

I actually didn’t realize how bad it was until the decade was almost over, for my interest in music waned for a good five years or so while I devoted most of my time to the erotic arts and an intensive practicum in BDSM. Baseball kind of sucked during the 2000’s as well (the White Sox-Astros World Series was the ultimate oh for fuck’s sake experience), so the list of my life priorities during that period should be recast as SEX SEX MORE SEX GIVE IT TO ME BABY SEX SEX SEX . . . music . . . . . . . . baseball.

Here’s my meager contribution to music criticism from 2000-2010:

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