Late Summer Clean-Up and What’s On Tap


No, I’m not dead and I haven’t quit the blog (again). I’m just finding it difficult to write in the cramped quarters I currently inhabit on The Emerald Isle.

Late summer has always been the slowest time of the year in terms of site traffic and client support, so I decided to make use of the lull to do some site-wide clean-up—replacing dead YouTube video links, reorganizing the main menu and getting rid of various distractions due to quirks in WordPress. This involves re-opening and editing over five hundred posts—not the most exciting work, but I hate it when things aren’t nice and tidy.

And there are some great pubs in Cork to help me recover from the tedium.

It looks like the hot, sticky and stormy weather in Nice will ease up by mid-September, so I should be back to weekly posting around then. One review is about 80% complete and I’ve been listening closely to the albums I intend to cover this year, so I’m hoping it won’t take long for me to get back in the groove.

Here’s what I’m planning for the rest of the year, in no particular order of appearance:

  • The Sundays, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
  • Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
  • Miles Davis, Bitches Brew
  • Gang of Four, Entertainment!
  • Billy Joel, The Nylon Curtain
  • The Strokes, Is This It
  • Duke Ellington and His Orchestra,  Masterpieces by Ellington
  • The Pentangle, Basket of Light
  • The National, High Violet
  • Sleater-Kinney, The Hot Rock
  • Thelonious Monk, Brilliant Corners
  • Sleeper, The It Girl
  • The Shins, Oh, Inverted World
  • Song Series – Atypical Love Songs (or something like that)
  • And at least three more Song Series posts

And no, that’s not a caricature of me. My eyes are green and I have better tits.


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  1. Lots of interesting stuff there! Looking forward to it.

  2. Matheus Bezerra de Lima | Reply

    Do you ever plan to talk about Barry White and all his great hits? I know you are not a fan of disco, but Barry White transcends that to me. A wonderful deep and dark voice, unmistakable both when speaking and when talking, and above all: passion, energy and sincerity. He could sing and say the corniest lyrics ever, and you would believe every single word. He truly sang of what true love means, while never shying away from the sexual side of it (but embracing the steaminess of raw love, just listen to “Love Serenade”).

    He was not a great album artist, but he is one of those artists that churned out hit after hit in a relatively short period to seal his place in history forever. For Barry White, it was the early to mid-70s, and I love many of those songs, like “Let The Music Play”, “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe”, “You Are The First, The Last, My Everything”, “Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up”, “Honey Please, Can’t Ya See?”, “I’m Qualified To Satisfy You”, and the list goes on!

    Cheers! I hope to see you someday giving The Walrus Of Love some love here! I wish you the best!

  3. Glad to see you’re back! I envy you’re living in the Emerald Isle! I’d never leave it. Be well!

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