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Whoa-oh Baby, Back Where I Belong


First, I want to thank everyone who sent congratulations on our wedding and let you know that I’ll respond to your comments shortly.

We had an exceedingly enjoyable honeymoon, fucking in the daytime and clubbing at night. I’m pretty sure we hit every club in Biarritz and San Sebastian. We returned to Nice thoroughly but happily exhausted and absolutely thrilled to find perfect sleeping weather in the 18-20 range with occasional showers. We are primed and ready for the sleep-off to end all sleep-offs. Our clients can wait another twenty-four hours, and if they can’t, fuck ’em. I don’t want to work for people who can’t appreciate the need for work-fuck-party balance.

I should be back in the review-writing saddle in a week or two, with some caveats. Once I settled into a one-review-per-week schedule, I chose Sunday as my publication day so I could spend my Sunday mornings relaxing with crossword puzzles and quiet music. I’ll probably get back to that rhythm, but the first couple of reviews may be released off-schedule.

As for the content . . . be prepared for a few surprises. I wasn’t lying when I said we hit every club in town, and in the process, I heard a whole lot of music that I don’t ordinarily listen to or care for. Whether it was the high I was feeling from the wedding or the high from all the booze I consumed, I embraced every kind of music I encountered. On the flight home, I sampled some of the music I liked during that euphoric phase, and while most fell into the category of “What the fuck was I thinking?” there were several pieces I thought were worthy of further consideration.

Ergo, I have removed some artists from my no-fly list and moved up others that were on the master spreadsheet that I had avoided for various reasons. I’ll begin with albums that I’d already researched and planned to review; the first surprises will appear sometime in June. A few of the reviews in the schedule were inspired by reader comments. The reviews will cover every decade from the early 50’s to the ’00s.

That about wraps things up for now. It’s beddy-bye time followed by the three episodes of Succession we missed. I’m hoping that by the end of the series there will be at least one character I don’t absolutely despise.




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