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Has the light gone out for you?Because the light’s gone out for meIt is the 21st centuryIt is the 21st century

Radiohead, “Bodysnatchers”

We’re about one quarter into the new century and humanity’s most significant achievement is that we’ve accelerated the timeline of our extinction.

How ironic that the species that markets itself as the crowning achievement of either creation or evolution represents the single greatest threat to life on earth. Having built a world where there is no general agreement on what’s real and what’s not, we’re now entering the age of virtual reality, where we can entertain ourselves in unreal worlds so we won’t have to deal with unpleasant stuff like planetary destruction.

I guess the good news is that VR will have a very short life span, for unless the VR geniuses can figure out a way to generate virtual bees that can pollinate real crops and virtual icebergs to replace all that polar ice that’s melted away, we are completely fucked.

Meanwhile, as our planet rockets toward oblivion, human beings continue to make music. Unfortunately, popular music in the 21st century is dominated by commoditized crapola from über-rich music peddlers who compensate for their lack of talent and imagination with first-rate branding and aggressive social media marketing. On the plus side, there are genuine artists still making great music, but you have to work a lot harder to find them.

The reviews in this section are divided into two sets. The first consists of classic reviews written at least three years after release; the second contains reviews I wrote immediately after release. My original concept for the blog was just that—reviews of new releases focusing on independent and undiscovered artists. When nothing grabbed me on New Release Tuesday, I filled the schedule with reviews of classic albums from yesteryear. After a while, I gave up writing contemporary reviews and decided to focus on the classics.

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