The Who

I have issues with The Who . . . no, that’s not right . . . I have issues with Pete Townshend.

Roger Daltrey is one of my absolute favorite lead singers. There are few as nimble and inventive on the bass guitar as John Entwistle. And though Keith Moon crossed the line into “out of control” on multiple levels, his style is unique and immediately recognizable.

The issues I have with Pete Townshend have nothing to do with his musicianship but with his ambitions. Specifically, I do not really appreciate his rock operas. I’ll take Quadrophenia over Tommy any day, but I’d take any of their “themeless” albums over either of those “opuses.” I realize this puts me at odds with Boomers who cherish the “operas” and their memories of The Who’s performance at Woodstock, but I can live with that.

Here are all The Who reviews I’ve done so far:


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