The Honeymoon Series

Dream by Wombo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Honeymoon Series is an unusual mix of wedding day stories and reviews of music we heard on our honeymoon. What makes this series unique is that it features albums by artists I’d never reviewed before, including some that had been on my no-fly list for years.

Alicia and I were married in early May 2023 near our home in Nice and honeymooned in Biarritz, San Sebastian and Bilbao. In addition to performing a vocal duet at our wedding, we encountered all kinds of music on our honeymoon, in clubs, cafés and on the streets. The idea of doing the Honeymoon Series came about because I wanted to memorialize our experience while stretching my musical boundaries.

The Honeymoon Series

I should point out that the picture above is somewhat misleading. It does depict a blonde (me) and a brunette (Alicia), but those tits look like D-cups and Alicia and I are both C’s.