The Moody Blues


I love my mother, acknowledge her as my role model, consider her my best friend . . . but there are certain things about her I will never understand.

One is her passion for The Moody Blues.

Before I started writing reviews, my attitude towards The Moodies was “meh.” I liked some of their songs but in general they failed to grab my attention. Once I started the blog, my mother was on my ass in short order demanding a Moodies review. I gave her the album I love the most (largely due to fond memories of it from my childhood), To Our Children’s Children’s Children. I hoped that would be the end of it.

Not a fucking chance. If you want to know where my dominant nature comes from, look no further than my mother. She never gives in.

Even in the face of her steely persistence, I was not looking forward to reviewing any more Moodies, especially because I had so many other artists I wanted to cover that I considered far more interesting. Finally, I hit on a compromise: maman and I would do the reviews together, on tape (well, on Garage Band, but you get the idea).

Together we reviewed the other six of the original seven Moodies albums, recording our conversations and transcribing them afterwards. Hence the tagline, “Conversations.” Even though we agreed to disagree at several junctures, there was some give-and-take along the way and both of us had a great time. Most importantly, we spent quality time with each other discussing our shared passion for music, and that in itself was a wonderful thing.

Here’s the list of all the Moodies reviews, including the non-conversational Children’s.

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