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We finally made our way back to Nice and it’s great to be home with all my clothes and all my leather lingerie.

I do need to take some time to reacclimate and reorganize, so there will be no review this week. I hope to return in early December and publish at least two reviews before the holidays. I’m sure you will all be delighted to hear that I will continue a cherished Christmas tradition by re-posting my review of Bobby Sherman’s Christmas Album on the home page on Christmas Eve.

Before I forget, I want to apologize to subscribers for the email that announced a review of Little Richard’s The Georgia Peach. I’ve been going through all my old reviews, fixing typos, broken links and YouTube screw-ups, and much to my surprise, I found that The Georgia Peach—a review I published ten years ago—was in “draft” status. I mistakenly assumed that keeping the original date of publication would prevent WordPress from sending out emails, but I was wrong. Sorry!

I do have one important announcement. Due to an influx of hateful comments from the MAGA crowd I’ve had to tighten restrictions on user commentary by turning on the “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” option. This will not affect any of you who have commented before but comments from first-timers will be held in purgatory pending review. If you’re a new commentator and run into any problems posting a comment, use the Contact Arc spot in the menu bar and send me a message.

One more thing before I vanish into the ether. I often receive requests for new reviews from readers (thank you very much) but I have to warn you that my review schedule is already booked six months out. Your patience is deeply appreciated.



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