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The Baby Boomers vs. The Millenials as my mother and I debate the virtues of The Moody Blues! 

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ARC Motorcycle #4

This site features over 200 music reviews I’ve written over the past couple of years, covering popular music from Robert Johnson to 2013.

The reviews are grouped into two major categories shown in the top menu bar. Contemporary Music Reviews cover the period from 2011 to the present and Classic Music Reviews cover everything before that. There is also a sub menu under Classic Music Reviews that allows you to browse reviews by decade. I’ve written about music in several different genres—alternative, rock, jazz, blues, country, power pop, punk, folk, Celtic, garage, electronica, progressive . . . quite an eclectic collection. If you want to explore via that route, use the Categories drop-down menu in the right sidebar. If you want to scroll through all the artists I’ve reviewed, just head down to the list below (you’ll see some artists without hyperlinks; those are artists or works with reviews in my queue that will appear over the next few weeks).

I have also covered a significant portion of the works of The Kinks, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull and Oasis. Those bands have separate links under the Classic Music Review menu with sub-menus listing all of their albums that I have reviewed. There are also reviews of great albums that escaped public notice filed under the menu heading called Unappreciated Gems. I’ve reviewed several albums of historical significance, so if you’re looking for a specific album, like Nevermind, Purple Rain, Surrealistic Pillow, A Kind of Blue or Giant Steps, it’s best to use the Search box in the right-hand sidebar.

You can also use the The Best of 2013-2014Favorite Classics and Unappreciated Gems lists in the right-hand sidebar as a starting point for your exploration of the site.

The last category of posts is called Chick Riffs, where I spout off on various topics, from music to sex to baseball.

Feel free to leave a comment on any reviews: alternative opinions are always welcome. If you disagree with a review, I prefer it if you would make your case for your perspective instead of trashing me with insults. It gets old after a while. Please note that comments are moderated to minimize spam and may not appear on the blog immediately.

You can learn more about me on the À Propos de Moi (About Me) page. 

Thank you very much for visiting. Enjoy!

List of Artists Reviewed by The Alt Rock Chick

3 responses

  1. Simply one terrific web site.
    Found by accident, keeping by design.

    Altrockchick is not your daddy’s New York Times reviewer,
    No time for bullshit, here , she is on target and to the point .

    If you were looking for Bruce Springsteen or Norah Jones not much will
    Help you anyway, best to move along.

  2. Hi altrockchick.

    We share some common musical enthisiasms (you’ve been kind enough to comment on my blog at nicelyoutoftune.wordpress.com and are one of the few people to have ever posted on Alan Hull’s ‘Pipedream’ – an early enthusiasm). I’ve not started yet on blogging about the Kinks (but am likely to start with Everybody’s In Showbiz which is where I go into them). I see you are shortly going to post on Kink Kronicles and wondered how you were going to deal with the ‘difficult’ “When I turn off the Living Room Light’? Just askin! I bought it as a UK import and was so disappointed!

    Your review of the Who’s ‘Meaty Beaty’ has put me off tackling that one for now – so I’ll probably dip my toe into the territory with a review of Townshend’s book (Who I Am) in the next few days.

    Your blog is one which I really enjoy (unexpected insights) and your other blog is no less interesting!



    1. Thank you! I covered “When I Turn Off the Livingroom Light” in my review of The Great Lost Kinks Album” and I think it’s a hoot! I’m also delighted that someone is reading my erotic blog. Tumblr doesn’t give reading stats like WordPress, so I’m blogging in the dark.

      All I can say is when you start writing about The Kinks, be prepared for lots of traffic and comments. Kinks fans are a very engaged group!

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